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The Home Front – WFLP Property Management – February 2019

Flooding Concerns

There has been an enormous amount of rainfall so far this year and many people may have troubles with constant flooding inside their home. Here are some facts and tips that can reduce and may even eliminate the future chances of flooding in your home.

  • Lynchburg received 65.70 inches of precipitation in 2018, shattering the previous record of 59.71 inches in 1972. The annual amount of precipitation for this area is 41.57 inches, while the record-breaking amount was a whopping 58% higher in 2018.
  • Flooding ranks number one in the United States in natural disasters and there is a 25% risk of a flood damaging your home within a 30 year period.
  • Ensuring quality water runoff is key to preventing flooding from impacting your home. Cleaning your gutters and inspecting your downspouts to guarantee they are facing the right direction is key in maintaining good water runoff.
  • Check for leaks and dark spots under your pipes and inside cabinets, along with water stains on ceilings. Any loose windows or missing shingles should be monitored to prevent larger problems from arising.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can arise when there is a lingering wet surface in the home that goes untreated. Both are considered health hazards, so it is important that you eliminate these issues as soon as they become apparent. However there are differences between the two. Below are the basics on the differences between Mold and Mildew and some tips on how they can be treated.

  • Mold: Is a green or black fungus that results from tiny, airborne spores that lodge and grow in damp areas.
  • Mildew: Is a more grayish, white color spore and is more common than mold. This type of fungus is easily treatable with typical household cleaners and a scrubbing brush.
  • Common remedies: To eliminate mold and mildew include the use of chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, distilled vinegar, as well as baking soda with borax. These formulas can be used to stop internal and external growth while strongly decreasing the chances of them appearing again.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser

WFLP will be hosting it’s first ever charity Holes for Homes Night Golf Tournament on April 26th from 4:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.! All proceeds from this event will go to both Gleaning For the World and Miriam’s House. Both of these charities have made huge impacts in our community and now it’s our turn to give back to them! Details about this event can be found below.

  • Two ways to participate: An individual can pay $100 for 18 holes, or there can be teams of four that pay $400 for 18 holes.
  • What’s included: Individuals or teams who play will also be given an event shirt, a catered dinner, gift bags, and chances to win door prizes and other awards.
  • Sponsors: Those who want to sponsor can either pay $200 for 9 holes, or $300 for 18 holes. This is a great way to interact with golfers and to network your own business! Sponsors have the privilege of placing booths, signs, and giveaways at your designated hole!
  • How to buy: Tickets are currently available on our Facebook page, so be sure to check us out and stay posted on any updates we make!


We hope you all have had a great start to 2019! Here are some announcements to keep you up to date with what’s going on with WFLP Property Management.

  • Welcome to all new tenants: We endeavor to offer the best services a Property Management Company can offer!
  • Thank you: Thanks for helping us reach 600 likes on our Facebook page! Your support of our social media pages it is greatly appreciated. If you have questions or would like to see a specific topic include, let us know!
  • Congratulations Justin Gaver: Justin was the most recent winner of our last newsletter giveaway. He received gift cards to Biscuitville. Be sure to follow up with our newsletter so that you have the chance at being our next winner!
  • WFLP is growing: We are fortunate to be able to offer more residential opportunities, each month, here in the Central Virginia area. For more information about these new rentals, visit our website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, or give us a call at the (434) 660-9092 and we will be happy to assist!

Benefits of the WFLP Website

WFLP Property Management offers state-of-the-art, superior Customer Service to for the benefit of our tenants. Many of you are already taking advantage the services provided but, for those of you that haven’t given it a try, here are some of the benefits that our website makes available to you.

  • Pay your rent online: Quick and simple. No checks lost in the mail. Immediate Credit. No trips across town to pay at the office. Open 24/7!
  • Make maintenance requests online: As quickly as sending an email, your maintenance request is forwarded to the proper Agent and time/date stamped to assure prompt professional service. With the inclusion of your cell phone number, we can set appointments, at your convenience and keep you update on the progress of your repairs.
  • See available homes first – Before the new listings are even advertised, you can find them here!

February Birthdays

We would like to wish all of our tenants with a birthday in February a Happy Birthday!

  • Lindsay Hayden, Munsha Mulenga, Janice Megginson, Saharai Ortega, Matthew Burnside, Ashley Willis, Larry Gallihugh, Michael Gallihugh, Lexi Preston, Pamela Grubbs, Damian Garrett, Perry Young, Allison Towriss, Shakirah Coles, Gloria Rucker, Hunter Fussell, Christian Nava, Sha’mya Ware.
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